June 2018 Update

Hard to believe that’s the end of the Exams and the pupils are now all back to classes in their new year groups!  So firstly the PC would like to wish pupils who’ve sat exams, completed coursework, portfolios and unit assessments all the very best with their results.  We know you and your Teachers have worked hard this year to achieve the very best.  For those leaving Hermitage Academy we wish you good luck with which ever destination awaits you as you leave your time at Hermitage Academy, you are a special year group who deserve an exceptional well done this wasn’t the easiest of journeys, but you did it!!

The Parent Council were delighted to welcome Mrs Lindsay Purves who presented information on HA’s Rights Respecting School journey (HA now holds a Silver Award) and how the work of this group will be at the centre of all we see being progressed at Hermitage Academy.  This is a core requirement of being a Rights Respecting school which involves the school’s ethos and practices to make sure they embed the principles of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The school will be reviewing all its policies to ensure these rights feature and are core to the school day.  More information on steering group can be found via the school website.  Click here to open the RRS page. 

The RRS group are keen to hear from parents about any of the work being completed and importantly their new ‘branding’ which will detail the commitments to be made from teachers, pupils and parents naturally reflecting the Articles which make up the rights of the child.   The choice of poster will be made available for the immediate school community to review and provide comment.  The PC will publish to our website and the Facebook page as soon as we have the choices available electronically.

The work of the Parent Council has in the main been to review and work with the Head Teacher as he drafts the school improvement plan for the year ahead.  Obviously key priorities are those identified by Education Scotlands last report but that doesn’t take away from the other areas that parents are highlighting.   Argyll and Bute Council completed their interim review of the School following the inspection report and have made a number of positive statements about the improvements and impact the new Head Teacher and SLT are making as well as some recommendations.  The Parent Council have been provided with this document and will work to offer parents an easy to read insight as it is a rather lengthly document.

Ongoing agenda items are; reviewing the use of the School Library; Lockers and Showmyhomework commitments; Staffing updates and use of i-time.  The Head Teacher was able to confirm that information about school lockers and the showmyhomework app will be made available before the end of the term so we look forward to seeing these important improvements which parents have been in discussion with the school about for some time.

That only leaves me to personally Thank all the members who make up the Parent Council as their committment to meetings and on-going discussions with the school has been intrinsic to the improvements and outcomes that pupils and parents are now seeing.  It has been your dedication to supporting the changes and seeking the improvements which is seeing Hermitage Academy on a now positive journey.

Final thanks go to our new Head Teacher and all the Teachers at Hermitage Academy for another year of achievements and opportunities which are just our launch pad!

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