Sept 2018- Welcome Back

Welcome back – and a special welcome to all parents of S1’s embarking on this next chapter!

The next meeting of the Parent Council will include our AGM which takes place on Monday 10th September at 7pm in the School Library.   Once the formalities of the AGM take place we’ll proceed to usual PC business.

So for anyone who would be interested in becoming a year group representative please drop us an email or use the ‘contact us’ form here on our webpage.  The Parent Council would be delighted to hear from anyone who takes an interest in the work the committee do in partnership with the school to progress opportunities for the pupils at Hermitage.  The committee require nominations before the AGM so we can arrange proposals.

A new session for us all and as a PC we want to hear from you the Parent Forum on what matters most!  The PC are ready to listen and learn what priorites you’re hoping for in this next year ahead.  You can contact us by email or by using our closed Facebook page which is open to members of the parent forum.  That’s any parent or carer who has a child attending Hermitage Academy, simply request to join and answer the joining questions and admin will get back to you.

Looking forward to getting more developments actioned with the school, which help parents engagement with their childs learning and as well as providing regular updates on their progress.

Best wishes

Stella Kinloch

HAPC Chair