November 2018 Update

Thank you to all who have attended our Parent Council meetings it great to see you and a great opportunity for you to take part in dicussions.  At our November meeting the Head Teacher took the Parent Council through the most recent Insight Data which shows the journey of improvement the school is taking and clearly displayed the improvements since the changes to the Pathway choices.    Whilst there are some further areas of improvement overall our school is achieving good results particularly in relation to its virtual comparitor which is a key indicator in reviewing the school performance.

The parent council are keen to work in partnership with the school to see a rejuvination of the School Library area to offer a flexible learning hub.  The Parent Council will undertake some pulse surveys and work with Pupil Council reps to provide a base line for the development.

Further reviews of the school timetable and curriculum choices are also a key priority for the work of the Parent Council over the coming months.  Again the PC will be supporting the school to undertake consultation with the parent forum to gather views.

The Communication Working Group will meet again before the end of the year to consider areas for improvement and generally review parent feedback from the use of the Xpressions app; tracking and reporting methods and all other means of communication between the school and parents/carers.

Thank you

Stella Kinloch