Meet the Parent Council

The Parent Council for session 2021/2022 is detailed below. The PC has elected office bearers and year group representatives. We’d be delighted to see you at our PC meetings or pop over and say hello at any school information events.

Stella Kinloch – Chair

Inclusion and ensuring all parent voices are heard is important to me. I’m happy to meet with fellow parents in any capacity to represent their views.

Lisa Johnstone – Vice Chair

I have been a member of the PC for a few years
and I’m delighted to work with the school to deliver a partnership which sees us achieve the best for all pupils attending Hermitage Academy.

Andrew Tennant – Vice-Chair & S3 Rep

As a parent of an S1, S2 and S4 I want to play a role in the parent council to help improve the outcomes for children.  Asking the big questions and challenging why!  Most importantly I want to work together to ensure children have equality and justice while being educated in today’s world.

Philip Hartley – Treasurer & S4 Rep

Happy to be part of the parent council representing the S2 year group.  As a STEM ambassador,  I have been helping the Lego Robotics Club for the last 3 years.  Having been a foster carer for 14 years, I have experience of the difficulties faced by Looked After and Accommodated Children both in and out of school.

Elizabeth Lambert – Secretary & S6 Rep

I hope that in supporting the school and each other we can help pupils look back at their time in Hermitage Academy as a positive and rewarding period of their lives.

Lucy Sage – ASN Rep

I represent a subgroup within the parent council for ASN and the attached charity – Hermitage Academy Pupil Support and Development Group. My role is to ensure topics raised and debated include a view from the ASN standpoint and that ASN is fully included in decision making and thought processes.

Donna Hicks – S1 Rep

I am passionate about the quality of education delivered and will strive to ensure Hermitage Academy delivers only the best for our young people.

Kathleen Daly – S2 Rep

I’m really keen to ensure all young people get an equal opportunity to fulfil their potential and that I can help build on engagement with the parent forum to make sure voices are heard.

Laura Watt – S2 Rep

I want to learn more about how the school runs to help me understand how to help develop the full potential of all pupils and what the school can offer the talent of the future.

Angela Bakker – S3 Rep

I want to be part of the parent council to try and contribute. I feel even more passionate about this in the current climate where there is so much uncertainty. I believe that as parents if we work together with the school we can ensure our young people have the best educational experience they can.

Miles Stratton – S3 Rep

I have two children at HA, one in S1 and one in S2. The parents’ council do an amazing job and I felt it important to be involved in supporting parents and see pupils are given every chance to attain their goals.

Rob Taylor – S4 Rep

I joined the parent council through an interest in all children having an opportunity to achieve their academic potential.

Claire Walker – S5 Rep

I am very excited to be a member of the parent council, to help ensure our children’s welfare, education and emotional needs are met.

Nanette Clark – S6 Rep

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you to bring forward any issues or suggestions.

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