Our Mission

Hermitage Academy’s Parent Council mission is to be a united and welcoming group providing the forum for parents to come together to discuss, evaluate, develop and improve the parental engagement in support of Hermitage Academy.

More information on Parental Engagement and the role of Parent Councils.

What is the role of Parent Councils?
The Parent Council helps to create an environment where all parents know that their views matter, and where they feel confident and comfortable putting them forward. They work on behalf of all parents to discuss educational matters that are of importance to all. They do not get involved in individual matters relating to children or staff in the school.

Parent Councils:
Work in partnership with the school to decide on the key priorities to take forward; Provide a voice for parents in schools and in their local authority on issues that are important to them;
Improve the school’s understanding of how to engage parents in their children’s learning and in the life of the school;
Support the school to develop strong home/school partnerships;
Communicate regularly with the Parent Forum to both hear their views and keep them informed;
Support improvement by discussing the school’s strengths and areas for development from a parental perspective;
Help make links with the wider community;
Capture the unique and varied skills, interests, knowledge and experience that parents can offer.